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We are currently working on Issue 3. Harley, our bulldog on the masthead logo, took ill last week and we are desperately working to find the cause. Needless to say, our energies are directed towards getting Harley better. It is possibly a liver tumor, but we are going to have an ultrasound performed to find out for sure. Thank you for your patience, and your prayers are greatly appreciated. We will have the newest issue up in a few days.
Clicker Training by Bonnie Fortier: Chianti and I trained the retrieve one time per day approximately five minutes each time. In five days, Chianti was running across the yard, picking up the dumbbell and bringing it back to me. YES!!
Then I made a critical error in judgment...(More)
Nutrition for the Critical Patient by Deb Eldredge, DVM: Animals who've sustained an injury, are sick, or recovering from surgery have special dietary requirements.(More)
The Dogs of Deer Mountain (Part Two) by Sandy McCollum:
A Personal Account
...He stepped on the ice and immediately slipped. We could hear his tags jingling and his claws frantically scraping the ice as he let out a little yelp. Then he was gone in the darkness... (More)
Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Sightless Dogs
Being the "eyes" for a blind person has long been the task for guide dogs. But who sees for blind dogs?
Now, breakthrough research in gene therapy at the University of Pennsylvania indicates a way to restore not only sight to blind dogs, but to blind humans as well. (More)

June 1 marks the start of Atlantic hurricane season. Learn aboutdisaster preparedness.

Ask Genevieve This saucy columnist won't hesitate to give you a piece of her Papillon mind... (more)

Check out the breed profile on the Basenji
Commercial dog food got you gagging? Try a BARF diet.
Peggy Polancec gives us an in-depth profile of water dogs.
In Product Reviews we take a look at Kongs.
Summer means hot temperatures and hurricanes. Learn how you can help protect your pets against both.
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New in This Issue
(Vol. 1 - Issue 2)

Ask Genevieve
Basenji Breed Profile
Clicker Training
Crufts Report
Disaster Preparedness
The Dogs of Deer Mountain (Part 2)
Gene Therapy Restores Sight
Nutrition for the Critical Patient
Product Review: Kongs
Water Dogs
Website Review Specials

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